Why voting matters [Letter]

June 09, 2014

Every eligible voter needs to show up at their polling place and vote in Maryland's June 24 primary. Our communities and schools will only be improved by better governing and better education. We need to exercise our right to vote for the next set of leaders.

This is a founding principle and concept of our democracy. The people must participate in the process of governing. And participation must continue all year long. Otherwise our problems will continue or get worse. We need to stand up for our right to vote and to have an impact on the way government functions.

We need leaders with integrity and a strong work ethic who are willing to sit down, listen and negotiate with people of all sorts of opinions until they get the job done. We need to use the state's lottery and casino funds for the public schools as promised. We all need accountability measures reviewed, updated and revised in order to ensure our Maryland state and local tax dollars are spent improving the lives of the majority of Maryland constituents instead of feathering the nests of the greedy and corrupt.

Most of all we need to forgive one another for past injustices perceived or otherwise and celebrate our differences. We need to update this current-day version of the Wild West and work to improve the lives of all, not just those of the well-connected and privileged.

We need to stand united and choose to find the means to build a better tomorrow.

Virginia Kerr, Chestertown

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