Mayor's stroll should not require armed escort [Letter]

  • Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, center, greeted residents, business owners and visitors during the walk she and Police Chief Anthony Batts, right, did around the Inner Harbor area. The officials took to the streets to show the safety of the city's downtown tourism district.
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, center, greeted residents,… (Colin Campbellstaff, Baltimore…)
June 06, 2014

As a resident of the Inner Harbor, I don't think a message of "safe streets" was reflected in Wednesday's photo-op ("Mayor strolls to show safe streets," June 5). If downtown Baltimore and the Inner Harbor are so "safe," why did Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake need a uniformed police detail during her stroll? It even looks like there was a sheriff or Maryland State Police trooper accompanying her as well.

If Mayor Rawlings-Blake and Police Commissioner Anthony Batts want to make a point about safety, this was hardly the way. How much better had everyone been in plain clothes. That would have sent the appropriate message.

I live at the Inner Harbor. It's a great neighborhood. Fortunately, I don't need an armed escort to walk around — yet!

Rosalind E. Heid, Baltimore

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