Cardin best choice for attorney general [Letter]

June 05, 2014

As a former assistant attorney general in the Child Protection Unit, an advocate for victims of domestic violence, a mother and a woman, I know what it takes to keep our children and families safe. In particular, I know firsthand that we need to arm our state prosecutors with a full array of tools to fight predators including tougher sentences for the worst offenders, new crimes that keep pace with technology and increased victim services.

With Maryland's primary election less than four weeks away, getting each candidate's public safety record into the public discourse should be our main concern. The attorney general is charged with protecting Maryland families. He or she is our chief legal officer, and fighting predators must be a top priority.

Del. Jon Cardin is a champion for women and children's' rights. He has consistently voted for tougher sentences for the worst offenders, increased victim services and the creation of new crimes that target new threats. This legislative session, Mr. Cardin sponsored a bill holding colleges and universities accountable for the sexual offenses on their campuses and providing victim advocates for rape survivors. He also sponsored a bill to create a task force to study child sexual abuse. In the past, he has supported legislation to create the crimes of domestic violence assault and an enhanced penalty for those who commit violent crimes in the presences of young children. Finally, he has consistently voted to keep rapists and child sex predators behind bars and out of our communities whether it was Jessica, Megan or Lynette's laws.

After careful examination of each candidate's record on the issues that impact the safety of families of children, Delegate Cardin stands head and shoulders above the rest. In the coming days and weeks, I hope the press and the voters continue to dig into each candidate's record on public safety. As someone who has spent her career advocating for women and children, I will vote for the candidate with a proven record protecting Maryland's women and children. I will vote for Mr. Cardin.

D. Jill Green

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