Hughes' endorsement doesn't mean much for ordinary Marylanders [Letter]

June 04, 2014

Harry Hughes, who worked longer as a lobbyist for big business than as Maryland's governor, has endorsed Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown in this year's gubernatorial primary.

That is probably honest, since Mr. Brown seems to be strongly pro-business. But it does not sound like much of a recommendation: Most of the things that have worked out well for big business have not worked out so well for the rest of us.

The governor is supposed to be committed to the long-term good of the state, not to anybody's short-term interests. Maryland needs a governor who is for small business, for working people, for the long-term health of our environment and natural resources and for our children and old people. It does not need someone who will help big businesses exploit us and degrade our environment while off-shoring their profits.

Fifty years from now, will this state have crabs and oysters? Will it have healthy forests and sustainable agriculture? Will it have well-educated citizens working together to evolve a fair economy balanced with the needs of its environment?

Or will it have a dead bay polluted by the wastes of drowned industrial sites, barren ground, insufficient clean water, hordes of poor and ignorant people and a tiny self-styled elite sustaining itself by force and fraud? It could go either way.

What is certain is that it will not remain as it is. We need a governor who knows that and is ready to work now for the future we want. For me, that means Heather Mizeur. She is clearsighted and honest, a creative thinker with a gift for working with others and she is committed to this state.

Katharine W. Rylaarsdam

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