Great Baltimore cocktails, The Pear-Fection at Silks

  • A perfect Pear-Fection.
A perfect Pear-Fection. (Meekah Hopkins )
June 03, 2014|By Meekah Hopkins

A fancy drink without frills, enjoyed in a no-frills bar -- I'm a huge fan of this seemingly new trend around Baltimore.

The idea that a non-beer-drinker such as myself can still class it up while my buddies enjoy cold ones and an O's game is pretty much the perfect cocktail storm in my book. Even more so when that friendly neighborhood bar is blocks away from my home, serving up a little gem known as the Pear-Fection.

Silks, newly renovated in March after years of curious neglect, is unassuming in the best way. The tenders are friendly and quick with their service, its pub fare is more than fair, and the bar is kept stocked with an eclectic range of local and nationally known products. Very laid back, very warm, and then BAM, you discover they have a fully designed menu of cocktails — 10, to be precise.

Hidden among crushes and a few martinis is what I liken to a summertime twist on a Dark and Stormy. But instead of the standard dark rum base, Silks uses vodka, a refreshing alternative. So, make that a Light and Stormy.

Absolut Pear is mixed with agave nectar and fresh lemon and lime juices — already, a creative mix of ingredients. But what makes this drink is the Gosling's ginger beer topper. It reminds me of those candied pears you find in a Harry and David's dried fruit sampler. Owner Dennis Danielczyk has a hard time deciding what makes the Pear-Fection his favorite drink, noting that the pear vodka is almost good enough to try on its own. For me, though, the addition of the Gosling's is both trendy and innovative. Also unique: The cocktail is served in a pint glass, without garnish. Just a simple, quality drink without the added distractions.

No offense to Silks, but I was pretty skeptical of a cocktail menu thriving in a corner bar environment. Instead, I found a fancy summer cocktail likely to become my go-to on a hot, relaxing summer evening. Perfection.

How to Make the Pear-Fection

3 parts Absolut Pear

1 part lemon

1 part lime

1 part agave nectar

Gosling's ginger beer

Mix ingredients; top with Gosling's.

Where to Get the



2641 Hudson St., Canton



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