'24: Live Another Day' recap, POTUS has no choice...

  • Jack (Kiefer Sutherland, R) discusses his plans with Kate (Yvonne Strahovski, L).
Jack (Kiefer Sutherland, R) discusses his plans with Kate (Yvonne… (Daniel Smith/FOX )
June 03, 2014|By Simon Habtemariam | For The Baltimore Sun

It’s tea time and we’ve finally reached the all-important part of the story arch where people actually start trusting Jack Bauer.

Margot Al-Harazi is a step ahead of the United States government and has six U.S. drones under her command. Hell hath no fury like a widow terrorist.

President James Heller has no choice but to trust Jack, now that an Al-Jazeera style terrorist video hit the web, demanding POTUS turn himself in or people will die. Clever move, pulling one out of the Joker’s hat from "The Dark Knight" (RIP Heath).

But let’s not forget – Jack’s been labeled a terrorist and a traitor. And he did a psychological number on his old flame, Audrey Heller (you know, the president’s daughter) and the chief of staff’s wife. The opening credits remind us that said chief of staff, Mark Boudreau, forged his boss’s signature on an extradition order that would send Jack to the Russians, who want answers from their run-in with Bauer in Season 7.

The following takes place between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

At the end of last hour, a CIA team led by station chief Steve Navarro walked right into an ambush set by Camp Al-Harazzi. Naturally, all of the pretty people survived. Prime Minister Stephen Fry gets a bit heated as the threat on London grows by the hour and President Heller continues to lose parts of his memory at the worst possible time.

Everybody has the same look of confusion when he begins to repeat himself. Everybody has the same look of confusion when he begins to repeat himself. Everybody has the same look of confusion when he begins to repeat himself. And British intelligence has just figured this out.

Jack meets with POTUS. The only lead they have is a shady arms dealer Jack knows. He can’t be bought and he can’t be broken in time for a 12-episode season. But he’s their only hope and Heller gives Jack the go-ahead. They radio out to Navarro, who is counting his casualties, ordering him to give Jack whatever he needs. He specifically asks for Agent Morgan, who – though no longer an active agent – is put back in the game to help Jack.

Back at the Al-Harazi house, Ian voices concern to his mother that Simone may have really loved her husband who was just killed. Margot gives her son a Rick James five-finger sandwich for back-talking. They discover a voicemail on Navid’s phone that may have breached the circle of trust. Margot sends Simone to spy on Navid’s sister.


Jack suits up for a late-afternoon joy-ride. Mark and Jack have an awkward bro-talk about Audrey. Luckily, this is broken up by the Secret Service telling Jack it’s time to ride. Jack calls Chloe as the scene cuts to the Prime Minister and his defense ministry. Naturally, the PM is concerned when he’s told that Jack Bauer is running an operation under the supervision of a President slowly losing his memory.

Jack debriefs Agent Morgan on the play. Carl Rask, the arms dealer, is an associate of Al-Harazi and while loyal to his clients, he’s all about the money. Jack will be able to buy him out, but there’s a likely chance Rask will want to kill Jack.

Audrey and Mark share an awkward talk about Jack. This is again broken up by a convenient phone call. This time, the Russians are on the line; they’d like to know if they’re forged transfer order is still good. Mark tries to explain how things have since become complicated and the Russian diplomats become very angry.

Jack tells Katie he spent the last two years “working” for Rask, but really foiling the evil plots of his buyer – human traffickers, terrorists, etc. When Jack went AWOL after discovering the risk on Heller, it made him out to be the leak in Rask’s organization. Jack needs to convince Rask he’s not the snitch by delivering an unconscious Agent Morgan to Rask’s doorstep. Fun stuff.


Back at the CIA, it turns out Agent Morgan’s terrorist husband had his file tampered with?

Simone meets with Navid’s sister, who was confused by her brother’s doomsday voicemail. Simone convinces her everything’s OK, but looks like the world is going to end when she sees her sweet innocent niece…now fatherless.

The British defense ministry sees that Jack roofied Kate, but without inside knowledge, assume Jack is betraying the Americans. Meanwhile, Jack gets bloodied up when he arrives at Rask’s compound with an unconscious CIA agent in the trunk of his car. Please don’t kill her. She’s valuable.

It’s OK, they’ll just wake her up and interrogate her. But don’t fear, Jack has eyes, ears and a sniper aimed at Agent Morgan’s interrogators, before anything bad can happen…hopefully.


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