A feeling of violation at the hands of city police [Letter]

May 31, 2014

As a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit against Baltimore City Police Officers ("Police officers aren't above the law," May 29), I feel violated knowing that these officers intentionally intimidated and threatened me. After the police officers threatened me with arrest for handing out free recipe books, I was walking back to my car when they approached me again and detained me on the street. When I asked why they had stopped me and demanded to see my identification, they stated that they were conducting an investigation and led me to believe that if I didn't comply, I would be arrested.

This experience with Baltimore City Police left me feeling violated and questioning whether I should trust police officers in the future. I always thought that police officers were supposed to protect citizens and visitors of the city. In my case, the officers' actions scared me and made me feel unsafe. I now realize that they were not trying to protect anyone or prevent a crime when they detained me. Instead, intimidation and fear were their goals all along.

Although this incident took place in 2011, what still worries me today is that these same police officers may continue to work in Baltimore City. Because they feel above the law, they will use the same tactics they used on me and go on bullying and frightening the citizens of Baltimore.

Elena Johnson, Cockeysville

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