Would dolphins really be better off in the wild? [Letter]

May 31, 2014

If dolphins would be better off in the wild, why would anyone presume dogs and cats would be any different ("Group urges National Aquarium to free dolphins," May 24)?

Wild animals have shorter lives than do "captive" ones. Dolphins, lions, tigers and bears struggle to compete in the wild, which is good for the species but tough on the individual animal. We have all seen a feral dog or cat, have empathy for it but can't get close to it. No different for dolphins. They look great jumping through the water in Ocean City, but you can't get close to them.

We can get close to them at the aquarium. We see that they are healthy, well fed and occupied with something to do. If that isn't enough we can indeed empty the pool, but then, to be fair, we ought to free all our "other" captive animals to the wild too.

Bill Krehnbrink

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