Unpatriotic Maryland [Letter]

May 29, 2014

Sad to say, it looks as if a vast majority of my fellow-citizens are grossly unpatriotic. I use the term advisedly because if I merely said they were bad citizens they wouldn't even open the other eye. But if I call them unpatriotic they will at least sit up and start waving the flag.

As citizens, we are personally responsible for the kind of government we get. Our choices determine whether we get effective managers and good policy proposals. Yet less than a month before a gubernatorial primary, for which several candidates have contested hotly for over nine months, many of us do not even know the date of the election, let alone the names of the principal candidates or what they stand for.

There have been news articles, there have been candidate forums, there have been radio programs featuring the candidates, there have been televised debates, and yet you know nothing about the differences among them. But if we vote at all, it will be out of a vast ignorance.

We have a right to be ignorant, if that is how we like being. But it is our choice if we are bad citizens and unpatriotic. We should understand that is what you have chosen, and if we are offended by the label, we should rethink our choice.

Katharine W. Rylaarsdam

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