Veterans are suffering at VA [Letter]

May 24, 2014

I find it very interesting to finally see a letter to the editor talking about the plight of veterans ("VA is failing its veterans," May 20). I am a current resident in Baltimore but originally from Philadelphia where my father practically lives at the VA hospital.

Hearing his frustrations with the whole facility has become a constant in my life and a burden on our relationship. He has been unemployed for over five years now seeking treatment so that he might recover and work again. It seems as though he is not recovering but slowly (or some weeks, rather quickly) traveling down a path of no return.

Doctors switch up his medications weekly. He has 8-to-14 doctor's appointments each week which increased from 2-to-3 five years ago when he first sought treatment. It is astonishing to me that he is not only not improving but progressively getting worse.

As a daughter, it is appalling to watch a parent in this sort of predicament without being able to help, and it pains both my brother and me to realize his health state is inevitable at this time. I appreciated reading the letter and am glad that the writer now has the insurance to be able to avoid the VA centers. Thanks for speaking out.

Laura Vitiello

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