BSA demands much of its students -- and looks out for them [Letter]

May 24, 2014

The Baltimore School for the Arts is a pre-professional school that raises and cultivates the talents of young students, some of whom would never have the opportunity they have because of their culture or upbringing. For someone to comment on the school's inability to meet the needs of the individual, you must feel some kind of selfish and irrelevant entitlement that you most likely do not deserve ("Who is responsible for Jabril?" May 19).

Before entering The Baltimore School for the Arts, students are told of the rigorous training that is required to succeed in such a unique environment as BSA. Being a 3-year-student at the Baltimore School for the Arts, I testify to the rigorous curriculum.

I disagree with the author's contention that "the administration's loyalty is to the institution, not the individual." Every time I walk through the doors of BSA, I feel welcomed by the curious faculty members who ask me about my life as an individual and know my name. I apologize that the student described in the article has failed to meet the requirements of BSA; however, we as a school will not stand for false attacks. I wish Jabril could have been more motivated to not skip classes and continue his study and training at the Baltimore School for the Arts where young leaders are created.

Nahum Potler, Baltimore

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