A frightening lesson for Stevenson students [Letter]

May 17, 2014

What a dreadful experience for the Stevenson University students who were robbed in South Africa ("Stevenson students return after being robbed in South Africa," May 14).

They were lucky former Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III was on the bus. Even though he and the other chaperon considered grabbing the robber's weapons, they refrained. Others might not have, and by grabbing a weapon, the kids could have been badly injured or killed.

The story horrified me because a similar incident happened to a family member during a college-sponsored trip to an African country. It's a dangerous region of the world, and colleges should think before sending a bunch of kids to a place where they might be harmed.

I'm glad the story had a good ending, and if these students are studying criminal justice this event was an excellent initiation into their field.

R.E. Heid, Baltimore

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