Charter schools deserve greater support [Letter]

May 13, 2014

Ricarda Easton and Will McKenna have done an excellent job of summarizing the many issues that need to be addressed by the Baltimore's new CEO of schools regarding charter schools ("Holding back the city's charter schools," May 7).

Incoming Superintendent Gregory Thornton would be well advised also to examine a new report from the University of Arkansas that compares funding of charter schools to traditional schools (" which discusses the disparity between funding in almost every state.

Maryland's numbers were only examined for 2011, but one issue needs to be corrected before a productive discussion can occur. The Maryland State Department of Education must require that revenue to charter schools be disclosed as to category — federal, state, local and other — so that discrepancies can be fairly addressed.

Nevertheless, charters' total revenue per student is far lower than districts schools' revenue per student. The myth that charters are "taking money away from public schools" is once again debunked.

Helene Luce, Baltimore

The writer is acting director of Maryland Charter School Network.

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