Why is Mizeur's experience an issue? [Letter]

May 09, 2014

Why is anyone making an issue of the fact that Del. Heather Mizeur has never held statewide office ("Debate: Round 1," May 8)? Neither had Martin O'Malley before he became governor, or William Donald Schaeffer; they had not even held an office that dealt with statewide issues. If they both made adequate governors — never mind whether you like all they did, just consider their general effectiveness — why is this canard of "experience" still being brought into the discussion?

In case the political games-players and self-appointed pundits haven't figured it out yet, the people of Maryland need government to work for them, and they need campaign coverage that deals seriously with issues instead of driveling along about peripherals. The Sun has been doing better than some others, but it could usefully call on its media colleagues to stick to the point.

Katharine W. Rylaarsdam

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