Crab moratorium the right thing to do [Letter]

May 06, 2014

Dan Rodricks' recommendation for a one-year moratorium on the crab harvest is correct ("It's time to stop tinkering and just ban crabbing for one year," May 3). The members of the Maryland General have a history of not showing courage when faced with the facts.

It took them several sessions to really put "teeth" into the laws on seat belts and with laws restricting cell phone use while driving. When it became apparent that the shad population was in danger, they finally took action, and in a couple of years the shad run was again in full swing.

Certainly, a moratorium on harvesting crabs would have a negative effect on the economy in Maryland, but if we do not protect the crab population, the long term economic results would be devastating to our state.

Bruce E. Villard Sr., Bel Air

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