Lacrosse finals get the bird [Letter]

May 01, 2014

In a recent editorial, The Sun opined that Baltimore is an "ultimate sports town" and that the NCAA should permanently locate the lacrosse final four event in Baltimore ("Baltimore, an 'ultimate' sports town," April 29).

Yet in the Sports section, an article appeared previously noting that the May 24 Orioles game will be in conflict with a portion of that event ("TV rules force overlap of Orioles game, NCAA lacrosse semifinal," April 28) This should have never happened. Baltimore secured this lucrative event over two years ago while the Orioles schedule was made just last year. The Orioles should have flipped their series with Cleveland or at least told the American League that the dates were unavailable in Baltimore.

The lacrosse semifinals draw in the area of 40,000 fans, many from out of town spending millions in the downtown area over the Memorial Day weekend. They tend to tailgate, filling the M&T Bank Stadium lot with cars spread over every inch. How is this going to work with the Orioles playing at 12:30 p.m. and the lacrosse game beginning at 1 p.m.? Simple answer, it won't, and the NCAA probably won't be back.

Where is the leadership and coordination of mega-events in Baltimore?

Jerry Gordon, Reisterstown

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