Judge schools superintendent on her character, integrity [Letter]

April 12, 2014

As a former elected Howard County Board of Education member and a retired Howard County educator, I'd like to give my support to Howard County Superintendent, Dr. Renee Foose. I was not happy with the results of the survey of her performance that came out from HCEA. One of the roles I had as a Howard County educator was principal. Being a leader is a challenging task and awesome responsibility. You share credit when things go well and you take the full blame and responsibility when things go wrong.

I worked with many superintendents, among them Dr. Goedeke, Dr. Hickey and Dr. Cousin. Each brought their own strengths to the position. Dr. Foose also brings her strengths to the position. I know her to be focused, caring, and responsive to the system's needs and to all stakeholders, which includes parents, teachers and other staff members. Most importantly she is dedicated to the success of all students. Do I always agree with Dr. Foose? No.

So, when we look at leaders, we look at their character and integrity, their work ethic, their conscience, their passion and their desire to do the very best. In my brief experience in knowing and dealing with Renee Foose, especially as president of the Retired Educator's Association, I think she has done a very admirable job.

When we as retirees had to deal with our health care coverage issues, Dr. Foose was right there supporting us and fighting for our continued great coverage that the Howard County School System provides. We could not have asked for better support from her and her staff.

Please let's support our superintendent as she and all of our Howard County school employees work tirelessly for our children.

Lawrence H. "Larry" Cohen


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