2014 Harford track and field preview

April 03, 2014


Head coaches: John Mobley and Kyle Brown Assistants: James Blackwell, Sammi Real III, Jaime White, Jason Guarino, Amanda Deller, Larry McCullers and Charles Powell II

Top prospects, girls: Daisha Murphy, Sr. (sprints/jumps), Jasmyn McLeod, Sr. (sprints), Faith Edmondson, Sr. (sprints), Lacey Presbury, Sr. (throws), Taylor Cole, Jr. (throws), Cierra Reid, Jr. (sprints/jumps) Newcomers: Amaree Yates, Fr. (sprints); Atiya Reed, Fr. (sprints); Angelica Troutman, Fr. (sprints/hurdles), Emma Bowditch, Fr. (distance)

Top prospects, boys: Nathan McKinney, Sr. (sprints), James Blackwell IV, Sr. (throws), Wyatt Bucci, Sr. (sprints), Kion Gibson, Jr. (sprints, hurdles), Dramel Boykin, Jr. (sprints), Gavin Brennan, So. (mid-dist.), Nathan Reed, So. (mid-dist.); Victor Romero, So. (mid-dist.) Newcomers: Frank Rivers, Jr. (sprints, mid-dist.); Mark Meynisse, Jr. (sprints), LaVell McCullers, Sr. (sprints), Nyshaun Greene, So. (sprints), Dalton Kraus, So. (hurdles, jumps), Patrick Robbins, So. (dist.), Karl Lyons, So. (sprints, jumps), Jordan Williams, Fr., (sprints)

Outlook: "This boys' team is one of the most talented teams in years past," Mobley said. "They are showing significant progress and have talent and depth in many areas." The girls' team is in reconstruction after losing some outstanding seniors to college programs. There are 25 girls and 37 boys on the team.

Bel Air

Head coaches: Mike Burke (boys) and Michelle Jansen (girls)

Top prospects, girls: Rachel Lohrman, Sr. (sprints), Breanna Keene, Sr. (sprints), Brittany Keene, Sr. (sprints), Jada Guyton, Sr. (jumps), Kiersten St. John, So. (hurdles), Samantha Bowen, So. (sprints), Mackenzie Wills, So. (sprints)

Top prospects, boys: Anferne Thomas, Jr. (hurdles, jumps), Jonathan Sayihe, So. (jumps), Chris Davis, Sr. (jumps), Jake Davenport, Jr. (vault), Miguel Valdes, Sr. (sprints), Joe Whilden, Sr. (sprints), Justin Guan, Sr. (sprints), Dylan Chan, Sr. (mid-dist.), Ethan Brito, Jr. (mid-dist.), Kenny Connelly, So. (dist.), Eric Ingram, Jr. (dist.), Daniel Webber, Fr. (hurdles), Matt Martindale, Sr. (throws)

Outlook: The Bobcats have a big team with big potential, particularly in the sprints and hurdles. Both boys and girls teams will field very good sprint relay teams.

C. Milton Wright

Head coaches: Ray Lessnau and Donnie Mickey Assistants: Dom Corson, Jerry Lee, Mike Griffith and Tim Milich

Top prospects, girls: Brooke Zeberlein, Jr. (hurdles, sprints), Alexis Cuffee, Sr. (sprints), Tori Smith, Sr. (sprints), Bethany Riley, Sr. (hurdles, vault, HJ), Rebecca Palmer, Jr. (dist.), Megan Pavlitsa, Sr. (dist.), Sydney Rhodes, Jr. (sprints, LJ), Sabrina Rhodes, Jr. (dist.), Shannon Rogers, Sr. (dist.), Miriam Silton, Sr. (dist.), Taylor Walker, Sr. (dist.), Megan Coughlin, Sr. (dist.), Kaitlyn Coughlin, So. (dist.), Emma Martin, So. (dist.) Newcomers: Sydney Gray, Fr. (sprints), Mariel Lindsey, Fr. (sprints), Christina Riggins, Fr. (sprints, HJ), Hannah Folderauer, So. (jumps), Kiarra Nowell, So. (throws)

Top prospects, boys: Max Anderson, Sr. (dist.), John Arminger, Sr. (shot), Brad Ensor, Jr. (dist.), Will Hazelton, Jr. (sprints), Eric Jagde, Jr. (dist.), Kenny King, Jr. (sprints), J.T. Klopcic, Jr. (hurdles, jumps), Frank Marzen, Sr. (disc), Freddie Montgomery, Jr. (sprints), Ryan Nevins, Jr. (sprints), Mike Perrotti, Sr. (dist.), Matt Riggins, Jr. (sprints), Henry Cuffee, Jr. (jumps) Newcomers: Josh Bailey, So. (sprints), Ian Fink, Fr. (sprints), Kevin King, Fr. (sprints), Mike Foulks, So. (dist.), Mike Gereli, Jr. (throws)

Outlook: This may be the year of the Mustangs in the UCBAC. Both the boys and girls teams are very strong and deep particularly in the sprints. "We have a nice mix of new runners and experienced returnees," Lessnau said. "We have a much deeper boys team this year." There are 63 boys and 78 girls on the roster.


Head coach: Donald Smith Assistants: Jerry Henderson, Jevon Berry, Cori Porter, Brooks Kimbrough

Top prospects, girls: Aria Tucker, Sr. (sprints, shot), Diandra Brown, So. (sprints, jumps), Nyiesha Hamblin, So. (sprints, hurdles, jumps), Tiffany Weimer, Sr. (dist.), Victoria Bankole, So. (dist.), Alexis Perdomo, So. (dist.,vault). Newcomers: Isabella Barbieri, Fr. (sprints), Rachel Goldsborough, Fr. (dist.), Amakau Uwaior, Fr. (throws).

Top prospects, boys: Devon Teagle, Sr. (sprints, jumps), Jeremy Middlebrooks, Jr. (sprints), Izaiah Sneed (hurdles, sprints) Aaron Parker (Jr, mid-dist.) Ben Gorski, So. (dist.), Tim Johnson, So. (dist.), Matt Foster, Sr. (sprints). Newcomers: Michael Dzambasow, Sr. (dist.), David Dzambasow, So. (dist.), Dez Boyd, Sr. (sprints) Javon Milton, Fr. (sprints, jumps), Ryan Burgess, Fr. (dist., HJ), Langston Gash, So. (dist.)

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