Luxury movie bistro or elaborate April Fool's joke? [Letter]

April 03, 2014

I read the article on the front page of Maryland Business section about the planned CineBistro at the Rotunda ("Moviegoing adds luxury," April 1). Imagine the traffic on 41st Street that a seven-screen multiplex would bring! The dinner and a movie concept? The sounds of dishes clinking, forks stabbing, the melange of fragrances from the "chef inspired" menu assaulting the moviegoer's senses — and cocktails, a great idea for keeping the chit chat down during a screening.

Leather chairs and swing away tables? Oops, sorry, I just spilled my linguine and clams all over the lady in front of me. Can't just brush that off like popcorn.

The more I read, the more my jaw dropped. Then, my eyes scanned above the headline — The Baltimore Sun, Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

Good one! Nice to know The Sun still has a sense of humor.

John Dean

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