Proving God's existence [Letter]

March 31, 2014

Where have all the atheist gone? The protest that Carroll County Commissioner Robin B. Frazier County is making requires some debate ("A delicate balance," March 27). Her Jesus does not exist in atheist communities. That raises the question of who is correct.

I was challenged by a practicing atheist to prove that God existed. The argument to me was that without faith there is no evidence to support the thesis. That was 15 years ago. I have completed a study of the challenge and it does not bode well for the theological model of existence.

An attentive review of religion exposes a history of war, corruption, bias and hatred of others. Gay folks, abortion and the unrest in the Middle East do not present a glowing billboard for a loving God. The presence of the devil and sin are still under my electron microscope.

We have entered a historical period that demands to know the root cause of everything. Religion and its reality must be included.

Because I am convinced that love and a god-like nature exist in each human mind, I am confident that all the ideas in the holy scrolls and books would still exist even without a supreme being.

Unwittingly, Commissioner Frazier could actually be praying to herself.

John Holter

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