Tears for Grace [Letter]

March 31, 2014

Thanks for Susan Reimer's column on Grace McComas ("Blue ribbons for Grace," March 26).

I would think it had to be hard to write. It certainly was hard for me to read. It just brought tears to my eyes and it's hard to imagine the pain Ms. McComas' parents have had to endure.

The students at Glenelg High have more sense than the adults who are teaching them. I hope those adults come to their senses and allow the students to honor Grace's life with a blue ribbon.

After the pain the school inflicted on her, her classmates should step-up and to know that Grace will be remembered as a beautiful girl and a good friend. That's the least the school can do. It surely wasn't there for Grace when she needed it.

Mary Fineagan, Forest Hil

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