Whom do you trust with your health? [Letter]

(KAL/Baltimore Sun )
March 30, 2014

Max Romano's commentary makes some good points about the on-the-ground shortcomings of Obamacare in calling for universal single-payer health care coverage in the U.S. ("Obamacare is not universal health care," March 27).

Mr. Romano faults "an expensive and overly complex" private sector insurance system for discouraging Americans from obtaining health coverage because they would have to "spend a significant portion of their incomes" to pay for it. His alternative? He proffers government-run public health insurance in which all Americans would enroll as the "only way" to address this issue.

Either way, Americans would no doubt spend a large share of their incomes on health care. The fundamental question is who do you trust more to manage your health insurance investment and the care that you will derive from it, the private sector or the government?

Charles E. Bracken, Ellicott City

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