Josh Charles on why you should watch tonight's 'Good Wife'

And a video look at the Baltimore actor going back to his 'Sports Night' days

  • From the second season episode titled "Closing Arguments" -- when all things seemed possible for Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Will (Josh Charles).
From the second season episode titled "Closing Arguments"… (DAVID M. RUSSELL / CBS )
March 30, 2014|By David Zurawik, The Baltimore Sun

Fans looking for closure on the shocking death of Will Gardner on last week's "The Good Wife," can find some tonight on the CBS series, according to Josh Charles who played the chracter so winningly the last five years.

In an interview with the Sun Monday night, Charles told me that he and the producers agreed on him filiming extra scenes for the episode tonight, which features the cast of the show reflecting on Will's death.

As Charles said in that interview:

"We'll see the ripple effect of everybody dealing with it [Will's death]."

"When they were writing the episode, [co-creator] Robert King called and said, 'The episode needs some of you in it.' And we had agreed that if I was available I would do it... It was very moving that last day on the set. I knew that was it -- that the last moment you see of me onscreen in next week's episode is really the end."

"I feel like we did it the right way," he said. "The character could go out in a special way, and the show could go on in a new direction."

On a lighter note, here's a special video treat of Charles on a visit to Keith Olbermann's ESPN2 show Friday reprising his Dan Rydell character from Aaron Sorkin's "Sports Night." Check out of the Baltimore Orioles shoutout.

If you miss Charles on "The Good Wife" tonight, I'm guessing you might be seeing him at Camden Yards tomorrow for opening day.

Just a guess.


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