Hobby Lobby makes a choice, too [Letter]

March 29, 2014

In the article regarding the Hobby Lobby case before the U.S. Supreme Court ("Health care to high court," March 26), Rev. Harry Knox is quoted as saying, "Religious liberty is not about bosses being able to impose their religious beliefs on their employees, it's about their employees being able to practice their own religious liberty in the privacy of their own homes."

Let's be clear. Bosses do not go into their employees' homes and force them to avoid contraception or abortion. These drugs and services are readily available to every woman who wants them. What is really happening is the religious views of the employees are being forced upon the bosses. Just because someone else wants something does not mean bosses should be obligated to provide it, especially if it violates their religious beliefs.

For years, we have heard feminist women tell religious people the decision to have an abortion is a private choice between a woman and her doctor. Now they expect religious people to enter into this private arena and pay the bill.

Every boss is responsible for his or her own soul, not the sex lives of their employees. When employers face God and make an account of what they did with their lives, the sexual decisions of their employees should not factor into the account.

It is hypocritical for those who are pro-choice to deprive people of a choice. Every person has the right to choose to not participate in abortion. This is a private decision between everyone and their God. No one has the right to violate this confidence.

Laura Jones, Annapolis

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