Commemorating Grace [Letter]

March 29, 2014

I too feel that Grace McComas deserves to be remembered on what should have been her graduation day ("Blue ribbons for Grace," March 26).

We had a student commit suicide at the high school where I taught, and the entire faculty and administration wore white crosses on our robes during the graduation ceremony.

Granted, this was a private, catholic high school, but it was our principal who helped pass out the crosses for the faculty to wear. We were celebrating a student's life and it meant a lot that a boy who was no longer with us was still included at graduation.

It was a great example of compassion and empathy, two things so many people in the world today need. A small blue ribbon would have a huge impact on the hearts of many who knew Ms. McComas and I hope the board rethinks this issue.

Bethany Mazalewski

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