A more responsive county school board [Letter]

March 28, 2014

I want to thank all of the parents, educational advocates and supporters of responsive school governance who worked with me, Sen. Jim Brochin and Del. Adrienne Jones to bring a hybrid school board to Baltimore County ("Balto. Co. should have a hybrid school board," March 17).

This change will eliminate the all-appointed Board of Education and replace it with seven elected members and four appointed members. The four appointees will first be vetted by a nominating commission and then recommended to the governor for appointment. This means that the public will have an opportunity to vote for a board member and to weigh in on who should be appointed. Both steps will better ensure greater accountability by the school board.

I believe a board that is partially elected and partially appointed will be better for parents, education advocates and, ultimately, our county's children. Again, thanks to all who worked with me over the years to bring a partially elected and partially appointed board to Baltimore County.

Steve Lafferty

The writer represents District 42, Baltimore County, in the Maryland House of Delegates.

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