Words we want to hear after every senseless shooting [Letter]

March 21, 2014

After reading your article about city police Sgt. Keith Mcneill's shooting, two things went through my mind ("Police scour Baltimore for suspect in shooting of fellow officer," March 16).

First, a prayer that Sergeant Mcneill makes a full and speedy recovery. I add him to the list of cops in my own family and pray for their safe return home every day after shift.

The other thought was that I hope the next time I read about another senseless shooting involving a private, non-police citizen of Baltimore, I see in The Sun the exact same words about the intensity of the search from Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts:

"We've been moving on this for the past 24 straight hours," Mr. Batts said. "We haven't backed off, we haven't slowed down, and we will not."

John Bateman-Ferry, Parkville

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