Angry about Art Helton and David Craig [letter to the editor]

March 20, 2014|Letter to The Aegis

I am appalled at the two candidates for the upcoming Primary Election in June, one in each of the two major parties in this county: a Republican and a Democrat.

The Republican is County Executive David Craig.

He ignored the needs and petitions of voters in the southwest corner of the county: Joppa and Edgewood, District A in not championing the purchase of the Joppatowne pool property that would have ultimately served all of District A not just Joppatowne.

Instead, [he championed] buying a more costly parcel of land in Havre de Grace that will cost all taxpayers to clean-up. I know the purchasing legalities, and I don't buy the whole story. He is a Republican contender for Governor. Doesn't he want my vote?

The other person is Democrat Arthur Helton.

I have supported Art in the past for his second run for State Senator. I cannot now. After checking the Board of Elections website I read complaints filed by Barbara Kreamer and Michael Hiob. There have been hearings involving those complaints and the facts of residency changes for Mr. Helton going back to 2002. At least-highly questionable.

Two candidates to uphold Maryland's laws and make new ones? Can they be trusted to work for us? You be the judge at the ballot box.

JoAnn M. Macdonald


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