Enjoyed reading about Joppatown(e) [letter to the editor]

March 20, 2014|Letter to The Aegis

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your column about the local history of the Joppa Town area last week. I especially hadn't known the part about the once flourishing port that had to be abandoned along with others along the northern bay and Bush River. Having grown up in Catonsville myself, I was also familiar with your comparing the modern version (1960s onward) with Columbia in Howard County, which was planned and built at about the same time.

One more interesting personal thing was that I began my professional teaching career at Havre de Grace High School in 1973. At the time I was one of several brand new faculty members at the school since (we heard) that many other former Havre de Grace High teachers were recruited to Joppatowne to open that school that same year with a principal, Robert Banick, who had also been recruited from Havre de Grace. Prior to Joppatowne High opening there were only five high schools I think, Havre de Grace, Aberdeen, Edgewood, Bel Air and North Harford.

Your column opened my eyes to some net searching, and if you know where I might be able to find any more about the ports on the bay and how the maritime industry and pleasure boating industry evolved I would be grateful now that I am a recreational boater myself in Havre de Grace. I have never been able to find out how that channel was dredged from Havre de Grace to the east side of Spesutie Island to allow navigational access.

Thanks again for the great column.

Stu Chapman

Havre de Grace

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