March 20, 2014

Oche queen Anastasia Dobromyslova could be set to leave the BDO after officials tried to ban her flights.

The Russian beauty won her second world title on Friday night, coming from a set down to beat Deta Hedman 2-1.

It came after tournament bosses told her just 30 minutes before her semi-final that she couldn't use her flights.

Then after beating Trina Gulliver in the semi, the BDO website report called her a "snarling Russian", "arrogant" and that she "played mind games to topple the Golden Girl".

BBC commentators continually criticised her for slowing the game down and after she won the final officials ignored her when she returned to the players' lounge.

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Now Ana, 27, will decide this week whether to return to the PDC and take on the men again.

She admitted: "An official told me my flights were wrong and I couldn't use them — but he had no explanation for this.

"Then the next day when I was preparing for the final I was told of the BDO report which criticised me badly and also the commentators said I was trying to slow the semi-final down.

"They couldn't stop me winning. They gave me the motivation to win, I showed how much bottle I have got to win it.

"It's been like this for me since returning to the BDO, I've been treated very badly.

"They clearly haven't forgiven me for leaving them for the PDC and not defending my first world title in 2008."

Ana received support from fellow PDC pros, men's finalist Andy Hamilton, Mark Webster and Paul Nicholson on Twitter as the BDO report became big news.

Now the Russian could be set to join them again.

She added: "It's a very tough decision. I want to be a world champion and I'm so happy to have achieved that again.

"Perhaps I can only improve my game by playing the men.

"I'm definitely a better player since being in the PDC. Playing in the PDC hardened me up and I'd the belief to stay strong in both matches. I missed lots of doubles at times but I'm so happy I won. People can say what they want and try to put me off, but no one can take away my world titles."

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