Good reasons not to raise the minimum wage [Letter]

March 19, 2014

I enjoyed Rex W. Huppka's recent column on why raising the minimum wage is a bad idea ("The argument against raising minimum wage," March 16).

What the writer missed, however, was how raising the minimum wage impacts other employer costs such as increased Social Security and Medicare contributions as well as certain state assessments (e.g., unemployment taxes) that are based on the total wages paid. There is also the forgotten cascade effect up the wage ladder.

Do the politicians who favor raising the minimum wage really think a person whose labors are already valued at the new proposed minimum wage will be happy unless their wages are similarly increased?

If the minimum wage rate is increased, one would expect other workers' wage rates will go up as well, since the government is essentially revaluing the labor of some while devaluing that of others.

Unless you are a low information voter, the current efforts to raise the minimum wage are very transparent and nothing more than a pre-election vote-seeking gimmick that is fostered by the president's latest buzzwords "income inequality," "social justice" and "fairness" — take your pick.

Michael Vance Ernest Sr., Catonsville

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