Editors have all the fun

March 19, 2014|By John E. McIntyre | The Baltimore Sun

The lights are about to dim for a couple of days at You Don't Say as I leave to frolic and cavort at the American Copy Editors Society's national conference in Las Vegas. (Vegas, baby!) 

Those of you who have never attended an ACES conference (and I am deeply sympathetic about your deprivation) may find it difficult to imagine how much fun a group of three hundred editors can be (and I am deeply sympathetic about your lack of imagination). 

But Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl!) is going to be there and I will get to meet her; and Peter Sokolowski and Kory Stamper (Merriam-Webster!) are going to be there; and Paul Wiggins, our Australian correspondent, will be there to share a quiet ale; and friends I have made over the past seventeen years since the first ACES conference at Chapel Hill will be there to attend workshops and gather in the bar to tell stories. As the late Cliff Arquette used to say in his Charlie Weaver persona, "These are my people." 

You should be able to participate vicariously through the ACES website

I leave for the airport in a couple of hours, where I will no doubt find, since I am C 47 on my Southwest boarding pass, that I will be spending five hours in a middle seat. I assume that my copy of Henry Adams's History of the United States During the Administration of James Madison will be sufficient to deter unwanted conversation. 

So, Vegas by late afternoon today; home to Baltimore late Saturday night; back at the old stand early next week. Talk among yourselves. 

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