Zumiez adds 'mall violence' to business risk factors in SEC filing

March 18, 2014|By Colin Campbell, The Baltimore Sun

Skateboarding apparel store Zumiez included "mall violence" in its annual report of business risks released Tuesday, after a January shooting at The Mall in Columbia left two employees dead.

"Most of our stores are located in shopping malls," the Washington state-based company wrote. "Any threat of terrorist attacks or actual terrorist events, or other types of mall violence, such as shootings in malls, particularly in public areas, could lead to lower customer traffic in shopping malls. In addition, local authorities or mall management could close shopping malls in response to security concerns. Mall closures, as well as lower customer traffic due to security concerns, could result in decreased sales."

The company's store in the Columbia mall has been boarded up since the Jan. 25 shootings, in which Darion Marcus Aguilar killed Zumiez employees Brianna Benlolo, 21, and Tyler Johnson, 25, and wounded another woman in the foot, before killing himself. Police said Aguilar had no connection to his victims and had planned a Columbine-type, mass shooting.

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