'Survivor' recap: 'Our Time to Shine'

March 13, 2014|By Beth Aaltonen

Back from Tribal Council where Brice was voted out, Morgan is pissed that Jeremiah didn’t vote with her.

She does her best to throw him under the bus, stating in front of everyone that he was the one to come to her about getting rid of Alexis. Which may have been true, but then Morgan takes it even further, claiming Jeremiah wanted to get LJ out because he’s a threat, but I don’t think that’s true.

Over at the Brain tribe, they get Treemail with a clue about the upcoming challenge. With their massive brain power, they deduce that it will be a blindfolded challenge, so they do what the Brain tribe does, and they practice. J’tia, as usual, sucks at it.

Challenge time! It is indeed a blindfolded challenge, with one sighted tribe member directing the rest. The first prize is three egg laying hens, and a rooster. Second prize is a dozen eggs. This is a reward-only challenge.

Brain takes an early lead with Tasha directing Spencer and Kass, but J’tia manages to screw it up again for her tribe. Morgan is alright as Beauty’s caller, but she keeps forgetting to tell her people about obstacles. Cliff is doing pretty well calling for Brawn, but Beauty and Brain are ahead of them, and Beauty manages to win because J’tia can’t even raise a pulley right. Then Brawn manages to come second because J’tia can’t manage to put a flag on a platform. Do you see a pattern here?

When Beauty gets the chickens back to their beach, the whole tribe finds a clue to the Immunity Idol, which LJ has already found. Nobody knows why the rooster is there, or if he’s necessary for egg production. Jeremiah gets the honor of killing the chicken, because he’s Southern, and Alexis has apparently never heard the phrase “like a chicken with its head cut off.”

Tony’s paranoia is rubbing off on Sarah because he keeps filling her head with lies. Woo approaches Sarah about getting rid of Cliff, which dashes my favorite bromance ever, ostensibly because Cliff’s got more money than the rest of them.

Tony sees Woo and Sarah whispering, which brings the Crazy out. I don’t know how Sarah puts up with it. I would lose my mind the first time he poked me while talking.

Brawn gets the Treemail about the Immunity Challenge, which has a clue about ‘sinking a shot’. Cliff is hoping it’s got something to do with basketball, because, well, duh. Sarah and Trish talk about throwing the challenge so that they can get rid of Cliff now, before the merge. Oh, I want to smack these people sometimes. There are 15 people left - the merge isn’t happening anytime soon. Woo also thinks this is a bad idea, but doesn’t want to piss of his alliance.

Immunity Challenge time! Tribe members have to dive down into the water, and release a ball, and then, once all the balls are released, they need to sink the balls in a basket. J’tia sucks, as per usual, and can’t get her buoy that is only three feet underwater released, and buts Brain at a disadvantage from the start. Kass also sucks at this, and puts the Brain tribe even further behind. If Brawn is going to throw this, they’re going to have to pretty much get in the water and sit there.

It does seem like some of Brawn is trying to throw the challenge, but Woo got his buoy untied pretty fast. Spencer is single-handedly trying to save his tribe, and doing a pretty good job of it, too. In fact, it comes down to a throw-off between Spencer and Cliff, which, well, Spencer is actually holding his own until J’tia manages to lose one of the balls. Cliff is unstoppable once he gets a feel for the basket, and he manages to win, even though most of his team was trying to lose.

So Brain is going to Tribal Council. Again. If they don’t vote out J’tia, then they lose the right to call themselves the ‘Brain’ tribe. Spencer is frustrated because he’s actually doing well at the challenges, and he might be going home if Tasha and Kass don’t get their head out of their...well, you know.

And luckily Tasha and Kass kind of agree. Don’t tell J’tia, though, she’ll ruin the little amount of food that you have left. They agree with me, and tell J’tia that they’re voting for Spencer. In fact, they’re so good at convincing her, that Tasha is second-guessing getting rid of J’tia because they know she’ll be loyal. Alright, I’m officially done with these people until Tribal Council.

Luckily Tribal Council is right now, because I’m ready to reach through the TV and strangle someone tonight. Jeff starts to stir things up right away, asking who’s fault it is that they keep losing. J’tia thinks that she’s not that strong at swimming, but that in all other challenges, she ‘rises to the top’. Tasha points out that they have to strategize to give J’tia the most minimal role in any challenge because she sucks. J’tia is delusional enough not to see that as an insult.

Spencer points out that J’tia is unpredictable (see: rice) and Tasha points out that they don’t trust Spencer, either. So if one is crazy, and one is untrustworthy, go with the one who doesn’t keep making you lose challenges. And thank goodness, they agree with me, because J’tia is finally going home.

Next week: Looks like a tribe mix-up, probably into two tribes, but possibly a merge.

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