Rachel Canning story is better than reality TV [Letter]

March 11, 2014

When I read Susan Reimer's column about Rachel Canning, the willful N.J. teen who's suing her parents for support and tuition, I'm delighted I never had children ("Education is not optional," March 7).

No doubt other childless adults feel the same. Whatever the finale to this ridiculous story may be, let me also point out the obvious: All those involved are very attractive, upper-middle class Americans, and also from New Jersey.

Do you get my drift? I see is a TV reality show in the making. And if the producers of the genre haven't approached the Cannings as yet, I suggest they do.

The saga of the spoiled, over-indulged (and extremely pretty) Ms. Canning has gone viral and has the makings of a hit reality series.

A "Rachel Canning, Family and Friends" adventure would send ratings into the stratosphere and make Ms. Canning extremely wealthy. That way, the little brat could have her college fun while also humiliating her family and becoming a celebrity in one fell swoop. If she hasn't figured this out as yet, then she must be pretty dumb.

Frankly, the story is sickening. It speaks to exactly what's wrong with America these days — parents in thrall to their children. Sorry Susan, how did you miss the potential for a TV blockbuster?

Roza Nester, Baltimore

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