Caregivers and the minimum wage [Letter]

March 07, 2014

I strongly agree with letter writer Stephen H. Morgan's points regarding the work performed by direct care staff and the impact a minimum-wage increase could have on "front line" caregivers for developmentally disabled people ("Minimum wage should not penalize disabled," Jan. 23).

I see the work done daily as a member of the Chimes team. Most direct care staff are genuine, caring people, and while we all work to earn a paycheck, these folks daily go above and beyond.

If direct care support staff wages are not raised in line with a minimum wage increase, many will be forced to seek employment elsewhere in order to provide for their families. Many people may not realize that those who are served by these caregivers thrive best when the continuity of their daily routines is maintained.

If those providing care are forced to seek employment elsewhere, the disruption and impact cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

Douglas Turnbaugh

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