Change is harder for adults than for students in the Balto. Co. schools [Letter]

March 07, 2014

As a student in Baltimore County, I believe that some of the criticism of county school Superintendent Dallas Dance is unwarranted and merely shows how uncivil some adults can be ("Some criticize Dance over rapid changes to school system," March 2).

I have participated in one of Mr. Dance's student town hall meetings, so I have to say the folks who criticize him for not listening to students are wrong. In addition, he works closely with the Baltimore County Student Council and has a superintendent's Student Advisory Council.

We are in our anti-bullying week due to the Student Advisory Council having a voice. It may also be worth noting that the county student council voted in favor of the high school schedule changes.

I know change is difficult for adults, but we students embrace the direction our system is headed, and we are excited to have an energetic and vibrant superintendent who embraces student input and who works for us.

If you ask students whether the current system works for them, I am sure you'll get a different response from them than from adults. We debate this all the time. I am a junior, and I didn't even know our former superintendent's name. I think everyone is throwing coals for all of the wrong reasons.

Our school system seems to believe it can continue being a good system without changing. We should criticize the superintendent, but let's do it only when it is warranted.

Deron McNeil

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