Babe Ruth's centennial as a pro [Letter]

March 06, 2014

Your recent article about Babe Ruth incorrectly implied that the Baltimore Orioles stopped in Fayetteville, N.C., en route to spring training in Florida ("Babe Ruth's first in flight in Fayetteville," Feb. 27).

In 1914, only a few baseball teams traveled as far south as Florida for spring training. Fayetteville, not Florida, was the Orioles' destination, and it was also the team's spring training headquarters during Babe Ruth's rookie professional season.

The article also included a clipping with a photograph purported to be "the first picture ever made of Babe Ruth as a professional ball player." The photo appears to be a reversed and altered version of an earlier image of Ruth when he played baseball for Saint Mary's Industrial School in Baltimore, not a photo taken of him in Fayetteville as a young professional ball player.

It seems strange to me that in 2014 The Sun would use a photo that supposedly came from a rival newspaper, the Baltimore American, when the March 6, 1914 edition of The Sun included its own image of Ruth the day before he hit his first professional home run during an inter-squad game in Fayetteville.

On the other hand, I found it strange that The Sun has not yet written about the centennial of Ruth's first professional baseball season that spotlights his Baltimore connection instead of a travel piece for a town in North Carolina.

Fred Shoken, Baltimore

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