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No. 3 Blue Jays have to shift focus from Tuesday's postponed game at Mount St. Mary's to Saturday's game at UMBC

March 05, 2014|By Edward Lee | The Baltimore Sun

The storm that dropped several inches of snow around the state on Monday has upped the degree of difficulty for Johns Hopkins.

The No. 3 Blue Jays (4-0) were slated to visit Mount St. Mary’s (0-5) on Tuesday, but conditions at Waldron Family Stadium in Emmitsburg proved to be too treacherous. The game has been rescheduled for Monday, April 14, but coach Dave Pietramala wished that Mother Nature had been kinder to both teams.

“I thought yesterday not playing was a bit of a setback,” he said Wednesday morning. “We were disappointed that we didn’t have an opportunity to go out and compete, and it’s certainly understandable given the weather and the field. We’re appreciative of Mount St. Mary’s keeping the well being of all of our athletes in mind. But it was disappointing not being able to go out and play again and have an opportunity to compete in a game and improve.”

The players did practice after the postponement, but Pietramala said there were a few hours wasted that could have been redirected into preparing for Saturday’s road game against UMBC (2-1).

“We spent some time preparing for our next opponent, but we didn’t have that next opponent,” he said. “You don’t want to say it’s time wasted, but it’s certainly time that could’ve been spent working on Johns Hopkins or working on UMBC. We were fortunate that we were able to get outside yesterday here and had we known we could have had the field completely cleared, we might have been able to have them [the Mountaineers] here. But the stands still aren’t cleared, and the women had practice. So that wasn’t really a viable option. But we did get to go out yesterday and spend some time working on some things for UMBC and working on some things that we needed to work on.”

One might wonder what Johns Hopkins has to worry about considering that the team dusted then-No. 6 Princeton, 15-9, on Saturday and is one of seven undefeated teams left in Division I. But Pietramala pointed to a game-worst 14 turnovers committed by the Blue Jays and nine goals surrendered by the defense as evidence that the team is far from perfect.

“Are we where we thought we would be? Quite honestly, we didn’t know where we would be,” he said. “We didn’t know how quickly we’d adapt to the new offense, and as I’ve told you, we are still a work in progress. After reviewing the Princeton film – and we’ve turned the page there very quickly – we made a lot of mistakes on both ends. We turned the ball over quite a bit, a bit early in the third quarter offensively, and we were a little careless with the ball. Defensively, we created some opportunities for Princeton that they maybe didn’t capitalize on. So this team, while making strides, still has a ton of work to do and a lot of growing and developing to do. I don’t think we’ve come close to playing our best lacrosse nor should we be doing that in the first weekend of March.”

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