Keep U.S. out of Ukraine conflict [Letter]

March 05, 2014

Whatever the outcome in Ukraine, I'll bet most Americans want us to keep hands off. I'm sorry for everyone in that beleaguered country, but dragging the United States into a military confrontation with Russia would be reckless ("Obama, Kerry condemn Russian 'aggression' in Ukraine as U.S. readies aid," March 4).

Right now, it looks like President Barack Obama is the only one standing up to President Vladimir Putin. Instead, I think we should "lead from behind" since the Ukraine conflict is in Europe's neighborhood, not ours. If the United Nations, NATO and the European Union joined forces to condemn Russia's military action, we might join in — but it appears America is leading the charge.

Crimea is an off-shore appendage and an important Russian military base with a vital sea port. It's the only "warm water" base the Russian navy enjoys, as all others are frozen much of the year. How would we feel if the Cubans invaded Guantanamo to reclaim it?

I'm not a Russian apologist nor a Putin groupie, I'm just wary of America's expensive involvement in non-strategic locations. We need to renounce our policy of policing the world. And where we have no legal obligation to intervene, we should stay away.

Roz Nester Ellis, Baltimore

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