Don't cry for federal workers [Letter]

March 04, 2014

I have seen in The Sun several times lately stories about the hard times the poor federal employees are having ("Half of federal employees considering leaving for the private sector, survey finds," Feb. 21). Let me tell you that they are some of the most cared for government employees of any type.

Maryland is supposed to be the richest state with annual personal income of about $78,000 per household, according to the newspaper. Those annual salaries are a direct result of those federal workers who reside in Maryland, not the rest of us. I don't know anyone who makes that kind of money.

I, too, am a government worker but only at the local level as a Harford County employee. We have only had one raise in five years, which is not the quite the same as a 3-year freeze.

Who do we have going to bat for us? Will the local government plead to the local residents to raise taxes so we will not fall out of the middle class? We also have had furloughs, but just like other government employees, we made it through. Our department has been required to reduce our budget by about 20 percent in the last five years, and each time we lose someone, their position is eliminated. A cost-of-living raise is unheard of.

My only wish would be that at some point those who are the haves would be more willing to share a little piece more with the have-nots and not keep asking for more.

Philip Anders, Fallston

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