Lacrosse photo captures apparent illegal hit [Letter]

February 27, 2014

You could have chosen a better photograph for your coverage of the Maryland-Syracuse lacrosse match ("Terps explode in 2nd quarter," Feb. 23) or at least captioned it correctly if you thought it had newsworthy merit. Instead of being captioned, "Maryland defenseman Goran Murray, right, stops Syracuse's Hakeem Lecky as he attempts to take a shot in the second quarter," the photo should have more appropriately been captioned, "Maryland defenseman Goran Murray applies an illegal body- and cross-check to the head of Syracuse's Hakeem Lecky, knocking off Lecky's helmet in the process."

Yes, I know there are those who say a still photo doesn't show the real story of what happened. But, to display what appears to be a blatant, illegal hit and personal foul worthy of a 3-minute non-releasable penalty and possible ejection from the game does discredit to the game of lacrosse and sets a poor example for players and fans alike.

Dave Schlegel, Hanover

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