Hopkins professor is slandered posthumously [Letter]

February 27, 2014

Bridget Kustin slandered the late Professor Arthur O. Lovejoy when she wrote that he "embraced McCarthyism" ("JHU's academic 'freedom,'" Feb. 25). He did not. I speak as a student activist at Johns Hopkins University during the McCarthy years. Many students and faculty spoke out to defend Owen Lattimore from U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy's attacks. Professor Lovejoy was elderly and reticent in those years (the early 1950s), but he was definitely on our pro-Lattimore side.

Ms. Kustin is identified as a Ph.D. candidate at Hopkins. She should learn to be more meticulous in her research and writing — especially where a person's posthumous reputation is involved.

Edwin Hirschmann, Baltimore

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