Bill would ban 'self-declared homosexual football players' from NFL

Proposed 'American Decency Act' would require separate facilities for out athletes

February 27, 2014|By Michael Gold | The Baltimore Sun

The Republican lobbyist who was seemingly grandstanding all week about introducing legislation to ban out players from the NFL has released the text of the proposed bill.

"The American Decency Act of 2014" — which has, let's be clear, almost zero chance of becoming law — would make it illegal for "self-declared homosexual football players" to be employed by NFL teams. Unless teams provide "separate and distinct" facilities for gay athletes.

So good news, closeted wide receivers and bisexual linemen: You can keep on, keeping on. Sorry, Michael Sam.

Despite lobbyist Jack Burkman's insistence he means business, it's tough (though not impossible) to imagine this as anything less than a publicity stunt which has gone a little too far.

Then again, maybe this is for a real. In a release announcing the text of the legislation, Burkman said one U.S. Senator and seven members of the House of Representatives will sign on as sponsors.

And aren't you just dying to see who?

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