Elderly woman killed in Edgewater after car rolls down hill, hits her

February 25, 2014|By Carrie Wells, The Baltimore Sun

A 73-year-old woman died in Edgewater Monday after a parked car rolled down a hill and crushed her underneath, Anne Arundel County police said.

Lee Sheila Mahoney was walking near the 1700 block of Chesapeake Drive in the afternoon when a parked 2010 Ford Mustang began to drift down the hill, striking her from behind and pinning her underneath. The 23-year-old owner of the car saw his car rolling down the hill, went to the car and started it, backing up without realizing the woman was trapped underneath, police said.

Mahoney was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. Police said the cause of the crash was driver error, as the owner of the car did not set his parking brake or turn the wheels into the curb.

Investigators are consulting with the State's Attorney's Office, as is customary in such incidents.



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