Maryland health exchange averaging about 2,000 enrollees a week in private plans

Just over 33,000 people use exchange to enroll in private health plans in Maryland

February 21, 2014|By Meredith Cohn, The Baltimore Sun

The Maryland health exchange reported Friday that 33,251 people had signed up for private insurance plans online as of Feb. 15, an uptick of just over 2,000 from the week before.

The exchange website for the uninsured and underinsured created by the federal Affordable Care Act has been adding a similar number of enrollees each week this year, according to regular updates provided by the exchange.

Another 8,581 people enrolled in Medicaid through the exchange website this past week.

Combined with almost 96,000 people automatically moved to the state-federal program for the poor from a bare-bones state program, a total of 189,812 people have signed up for care under the federal law.

An unknown number of people also have signed up directly with insurers.

The total number of enrollees is still short of the state's target of 260,000 people signed up by the end of open enrollment on March 31.

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