'House of Cards' recap, Season 2, Episode 8

  • Oh, it's just a nice little lunch meeting with Raymond Tusk.
Oh, it's just a nice little lunch meeting with Raymond… (Screengrab via Netflix )
February 17, 2014|By Ethan Renner | For The Baltimore Sun

"We can be dangerous too. When we need to be." -- Frank Underwood

Remy is up to no good, as Chapter 21 begins. He tracks down Evelyn, Claire's former chief of staff at CWI. He takes he rout for coffee and the conversation turns to Claire. Evelyn surely isn't fond of the woman who made her fire half her staff, then canned her after. Remy can use Evelyn to get at the Underwoods.

Rachel's friend Lisa shows up ate her apartment, unannounced. She's had an argument with her meth-addicted girlfriend, and needs a place to stay, so Rachel obliges. She sends Doug a text to let him know that she has company.

Back in Washington, Frank meets with Linda, trying to convince her to convince the president to approve the plan for the bridge that Feng demanded. Linda suspects that Frank is up to something, but he denies it. "I have no ulterior motive here," he says.

Oh, Frank always has an ulterior motive.

Frank also starts work on getting the Ugaya Native American tribe federally recognized, so that they can start breaking ground on a new casino, which would threaten Tusk.

Claire and Tricia meet with Megan, the other of McGinnis' accusers that came forward after Claire's television interview. She wants to make a public statement, and Claire and Tricia vow to stand by her as she does so. Claire asks Tricia to get the president involved as well, but Tricia reveals that she hasn't spoken to her husband in about a week. Claire suggests that the Walkers speak to a counselor, but Tricia isn't so sure that's a good idea.

Remy visits with Jackie, who is trying to figure out where the source of the Republican money is on her own. Remy stonewalls her, which, Jackie suspects, is because he wants to be more than a booty call for her. Can I write that here? Booty call? Jackie suggests that maybe they could have a relationship, but they would need to draw strict boundaries. "Whatever we have privately couldn't affect our professional relationship," she tells him. Remy leaves, pondering her offer.

Frank goes to the president to personally lobby him on the bridge matter, going back on his word to Linda that he would drop the issue. When the president dismisses the idea, Frank admits to continuing to have back channel discussions with China, and that the bridge could help defeat the Republicans in the midterm election. When Walker mentions that he feels he's losing control of his presidency and even his marriage, Frank sees an opening and seizes on it. After some coddling, Walker agrees to reconsider his decision on the bridge. Doug also does some arm-wringing and makes progress on the Ugaya front.

While Claire fields a call from Tricia, who has decided to take her up on her offer to reach out to a counselor for her, Remy pays a photographer friend of Adam Galloway a visit, still looking for any potential source of dirt on the Underwoods.

The Telegraph reporter, Ayla Sayyad, who has been following the money trail, continues to put the pieces together on her own, and while several steps behind, she confronts Grayson about a potential link between Frank and Tusk, while Frank is in Missouri to meet with Lanagin, Tusk's casino friend.

When Frank arrives at Lanagin's home to meet him, he's surprised to find Tusk there as well. "You better enjoy this pool while you can," Frank tells Lanagin. "I don't think your casino can stand that sort of competition." Lanagin reveals that he has made contact with the Ugaya on his own, and offered them re-enrollment in his tribe, which would jettison Frank's plan. "A tip of your iceberg is melting, Frank," Tusk sneers.

Tusk offers to get the money flowing back to the Democrats, as long as Frank helps him restore his relationship with the president. Frank threatens to have both men investigated, but they call his bluff. He and his party were the recipients of that money for years, after all. If he brings them down, he'd risk taking himself down as well. Frank takes the steak that Lanagin offers him and throws it into the swimming pool nearby, in frustration.

Frank calls Doug and has him set up a meeting with the president, while Doug is off in Joppa, doing his semi-stalker bit with Rachel. He watches as she and Lisa leave her apartment, then goes inside. He smells her sheets for a while, then leaves. Oh, this guy has it bad. 

When Frank arrives in Washington, for what he believes will be a meeting with the president, Linda informs him that she knows that he's been going behind her back, and that she called the meeting off. She takes Frank to task for not involving her, and for going back on his word. "I do not require your permission," Frank tells her. "When you are secretive, it prevents me from being able to do my job," she tells him.

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