Cowardly county school board [Letter]

February 15, 2014

Recently I had the misfortune to attend the Baltimore County Public Schools board meeting. Silly me, I thought I could speak and influence the board before they made a decision about the boundary change for the new elementary school in Mays Chapel ("Pot Spring parents object to Mays Chapel redistricting plan," Feb. 12).

Little did I know that our school superintendent, Dallas Dance, could override the "democratic" process and order the board to only consider one of the two options that the "official" committee had recommended to the board.

I left after expressing my dismay to board members and the school system sheep who played the game. I left feeling powerless and angry that in this free country with public schools, an arrogant, juvenile school superintendent is able to bully the board into believing they have no choice.

Mary Pat Kahle, Timonium

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