Chair or no chair? Parking spot shoveling debate in Baltimore as lively as ever

There's no legal right to shoveled spots, but that doesn't stop people from trying

  • Someone in the Knettishall area of Towson used a beach chair to mark a parking space.
Someone in the Knettishall area of Towson used a beach chair… (Barbara Haddock Taylor…)
February 14, 2014|By Jessica Anderson | The Baltimore Sun

Any significant Baltimore winter storm is likely to spark a spirited debate over whether your efforts to dig out your car entitles you to the spot while the snow remains. And as residents brought out their lawn chairs to preserve their handiwork this week, the acrimony flared up again.

It doesn't matter if you spend hours shoveling or minutes; there's no legal right to the resulting space on a public street. But there are laws, and then there are social mores. Is it rude to try to save a spot, or ruder to steal one? It depends on who you ask. Add your chair (and other weird parking space-savers) photos to our "Only in Baltimore" gallery.

Here's a sampling of the Twitter conversation playing out around Baltimore:

— Pretty Flocka Flame (@MsThickums410) February 13, 2014
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