Raise the minimum wage or fear the voters [Letter]

(KAL/Baltimore Sun )
February 12, 2014

I would just like the Maryland General Assembly to know that I vote. You are constantly looking out for the wealthy. When will you at least pretend to look out for regular Maryland citizens? We should be a leader in raising the minimum wage. Don't tell me "it doesn't look good this year." I have no lobbyist representing me, that's why I voted for you. If the wealthy choose to run out of Maryland, fine. But fearful legislation is a loser for all Maryland residents. Dan Rodricks is the only person reporting on the same old song and dance in Annapolis ("In Annapolis, offering more sugar to sugar daddies," Feb. 1). Well, times are changing and it's about time we changed your jobs.

David J. Jaffa, Columbia

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